The Teacher Academy Consortium was formed out of a realization that, while Teacher Academy courses have existed in the United States for over 74 years, the literature and research on the frameworks, practices, and impact of them is scant. 

There are too few opportunities for Teacher Academy Instructors and other individuals, such as university-based teacher educators, who work across institutions, disciplines, and carry an array of perspectives to think about and discuss what Teacher Academies can, and should, look like. 

As a member of the Teacher Academy Consortium, you will be part of a network of individuals sharing ideas and resources that move Teacher Academies forward. Weekly email blasts will include articles written by other Consortium members to keep you in the loop about what other Teacher Academies are doing. A discussion forum and social media will allow you to connect with members and discuss the most pressing issues facing Teacher Academies. Our Consortium site will soon include frameworks, protocols, and lessons for implementing robust, clinical practice experiences. Webinars will allow you to hear and discuss historical and future Teacher Academy ideas and practices with university leaders and Teacher Academy leaders.


Transforming the next generation of teachers is in your hands. Are you ready to take the next step? 


Join the Teacher Academy Consortium.

We are driven by the idea that Teacher Academies deserve to be a major player in the conceptual framework of the Teacher Education Continuum.


We refer to Teacher Academy students as pre-collegiate, pre-service teachers or pre-collegiate, teacher candidates to recognize the fact that students are engaging in clinical practice experiences at partner early childhood centers, elementary and middle school classrooms, under the supervision of a site-mentor, inside and outside of their district.


In their Teacher Academy classes at the high school, pre-collegiate, pre-service teachers are taught by Teacher Academy Instructors, who we consider to be teacher educators.  

We believe that Teacher Academies should be designed with clinical, practice-based teacher education at the heart. Pre-collegiate, pre-service teachers should be exposed to an array of media, including clinical experiences, that represent good teaching practice. In their Teacher Academy course, there need to be ample opportunities that allow them to decompose practice. In their Teacher Academy course and in their clinical experiences, they should be given the chance to approximate practice.

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